Our story

Who we are


PreSeed Ventures is Denmark’s largest and most successful early-stage investor. We have been funding and assisting talented hungry entrepreneurs for over 15 years – helping them realize their dreams through our pioneering early-stage investment method. Our name, PreSeed Ventures, reflects the nature of our business: PreSeed indicates the investment phase, while Ventures indicates our ability to embark on adventures and our subsequent involvement with the entrepreneurs, the winners of tomorrow.

  • 2000
    The year in which we were founded
  • 400+
    Companies funded
  • 2,5K+
    Jobs created
  • 4.6
    billion DKK attracted to our portfolio over the past five years

Daring you to be great

We believe the biggest risk is failing to take risk. And that is why we have always dared to go where others don’t.

Founded in 2000 PreSeed Ventures have a long track record in being the strong travel companion of founders on the journey of transforming startup dreams into successful businesses. We are in the business of spotting, educating, financing and growing tomorrow’s winners in syndication with top-tier investors locally and globally. We’re the first professional investor in Denmark’s most promising startups. Operating at the earliest stages, where there is needed more professional support than most BAs can offer but where VCs and other private investors find it too risky to engage. With the experience from hundreds of startup journeys, a powerhouse of experts and systematic methods for supporting early stage startups pre-seed funding are where PreSeed Ventures excel rather than a risky investment stage.

Historically PreSeed Ventures has acted an investor belonging to the Danish state’s Innovation Incubator program, however from 2020 we will become a full blown commercial venture fund, yet continuing to be a subsidiary company owned by DTU, Denmark’s Technical University.

A new chapter

From 2020 PreSeed Ventures will hit the ground running with their new and first commercial venture fund. Concretely we are raising DKK 350 million earmarked new investments in the most talented startups, in addition to our existing portfolio companies of passionate entrepreneurs. The fond will focus on early-stage investments in tech-companies with significant potential for scaling internationally.

Embarking on this new chapter we will continue to support our entrepreneurs in multiple ways, drawing on our comprehensive expertise, in-depth knowledge, as well as our large network of syndication partners. Our aim is to continue pioneering pre-seed funding, identifying the next generation of startups with the potential to make a big dent in the universe, as Steve Jobs would say. Not least will PreSeed Ventures continue the passionate work with being a strong force in Danish ecosystem through, with their own startup school PreSeed Academy and through high impact partnerships.

Funds invested (DKK million)

We invest more compared to the other innovation incubators.

Funds attracted (DKK million)

We attract more private capital to our portfolio compared to other innovation incubators.

Proceeds (DKK million)

We return more money to the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants compared to the other innovation incubators.

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