Our story

Who we are


PreSeed Ventures is Denmark’s largest and most successful early stage investor. We have been financing and assisting talented and hungry entrepreneurs for over 15 years – helping them to realise their dreams through our pioneering early stage investments. Our name, PreSeed Ventures, reflects the nature of our business: PreSeed indicates the investment phase, while Ventures indicates our ability to embark on adventures and our subsequent involvement with the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

  • 2000
    The year in which we were founded
  • 400+
    Companies funded
  • 2,5K+
    Jobs created
  • 4.6
    billion DKK attracted to our portfolio over the past five years

Daring you to be great

We believe the biggest risk is failing to take that risk. And that’s why we have always dared to go where others don’t.

Over 15 years ago, two far-thinking players, innovation incubator, Pre-Seed Innovation and early stage venture fund, SEED Capital, pioneered early stage investments under the SEED Capital brand. In 2017, the two companies embarked on separate ventures as independent companies - albeit with a wish to maintain a close cooperation. Although PreSeed Ventures is new in name, we have a long and respected track record in transforming a business dream into reality.

As an innovation incubator, we provide professional counselling, pre-seed and seed capital for entrepreneurs and new innovative enterprises. We operate at the earliest stage of the investment chain where venture capitalists and other private investors are reluctant to engage. 

Although PreSeed Ventures is owned by the Technical University of Denmark, we collaborate with all Danish research establishments.

We support our entrepreneurs in multiple ways, drawing on our comprehensive expertise, in-depth knowledge, as well as large network of syndication partners. Our aim is to continue to lead the industry, identifying a whole range of startups with the potential to change the future.

PreSeed Ventures is based in Kongens Lyngby north of Copenhagen and invests in promising Danish startups across Denmark.

Funds invested (DKK million)

We invest more compared to the other innovation incubators.

Funds attracted (DKK million)

We attract more private capital to our portfolio compared to other innovation incubators.

Proceeds (DKK million)

We return more money to the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants compared to the other innovation incubators.

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